Fashion Brands

Scopes of Activities

First register of March 31, 2005: The Business Certificate of The Joint-Stock Company No. 4103003249.

Phuong Dong Garment Company renamed Phuong Dong Garment Joint Stock Company that is licensed to trade in the following:

  • To produce, and to trade in garments, accessories, materials, machinery & quipment, dye and products of textile & garment.
  • To trade in food technology products, agricultural products, forest products, aqua products, handicraft, transport means, automobile, motorbike, stationery, machine to make fashion styles, electric materials, electronics, rubber and products made from rubber, paper, paper cartons and products made from pulp, glassware and products made from glass, iron, steel and products made from iron steel, nonferrous metal, plants, optical devices used in Medicine.
  • To be gasoline dealer, consignment dealer of material and goods. Industrial infrastructure construction and civil infrastructure construction.