Fashion Brands



Nowadays, young people have trend to choose clothes with light colors: yellow, green, pink, nude, light brown, … together with some prints, embroidery, and elastic materials.

It is easy for us to choose clothes which are suitable with our appearance, hobby, time and space. Below are some hints in choosing suitable clothes: - Drainpipe will make your legs look longer, or vertical striped clothes will be suitable for short person. - Horizontal striped Polo will make you look active, younger and bigger which will be suitable for thin person. - With physically small person, it should be chose youth and light color. On the contrary, chubby person should choose the dark color or heart-collar T-shirt to make neck look taller, or side-vent skirt to make legs look longer. - For going to office, you can choose A Line skirt or Circular skirt with some embroidery, combined with honoring body-curve blouse. Or just a shirt with pants to make younger. - Or short pants can combine with light Polo and having prints or embroidery which suitable for young people to go out with friends.

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